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Critical Reading courses
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About Our Critical Reading Course

Our academy highlights the focus on critical reading as a separate course, because we value the importance of this subject area in academia. In our course, we aim to improve the student’s understanding of given text by comprehension, literature analysis, and context fluency.

Critical Reading Course Components

In this course, the focus is centered on using analysis methods to help the student to comprehend any given text. Some of the course components include:

  • Understanding the author’s intent
  • Literal analysis of the text
  • Analytical approach to literary devices
  • Inference of text content
  • Application of context clues
  • Analysis of style in meaning
  • Purpose of text

Critical reading is the process of reading texts closely, analyzing the author’s intent, meaning, and message to comprehend the given text accurately.Critical Reading is essential in trying to understand any piece of text. This can be tricky at times, since many literary devices are usually used such as metaphors and hyperboles. Here at the academy, we believe that in order for students to learn fully, they must learn to use critical thinking. To encourage this, we provide short answer questions over the often use of multiple choice questions, in order to help them understand how answers are derived.
Our Model Practice Practice Practice

Our model for success contains in-person instruction with professional tutors, out-of-class tutoring, and several extra hours of practice. Along with this, we have several other innovative features;