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SmartKID Program

The SmartKID program is developed by experienced professionals catered towards elementary school students.

The SmartKID program is provides academic enrichment and motivation for young children. The program improves study skills in reading, writing, and math in accordance to the student’s pace of learning. Concepts are taught and reinforced in a classroom setting helping students build a foundation of strong academic performance for the future. Working hand-in-hand with the school curriculum, the SmartKID Program also targets STAAR preparation and aids students in solidifying ideas.

It also provides academic support to improve your students study skills with a learning specialist

  • Reading Plus
  • Writing Plus
  • Vocabulary Plus
  • The Power of Problem Solving
  • The Importance of Volunteering
  • Guidance for Standardized Tests & Its Fundamentals

When a student enjoys what they are being taught they will want to learn more which shows in their knowledge and more easily in their grades. We create interest in mathematical concepts in order to ignite creative and critical thinking skills, and fuel a lifelong passion for the power of math for your student. Similarly we use reading comprehension materials that grasp the students’ interest along with enjoyable softwares to learn vocabulary words.
Our mission is to support your child academically & lead them to success. Our advantages include: great quality preparation at an affordable cost, instructor-led guided practice hours, unique combination of interactive classroom sessions combined with practice clubs, quizzes, and practice tests.
Our Model Practice Practice Practice

Our model for success contains in-person instruction with professional tutors, out-of-class tutoring, and several extra hours of practice. Along with this, we have several other innovative features;